International Consultant

International Consultant for Development of Business Incubators Model in Gaza

(Enhancing Incubation in the Gaza Strip “Start” Project)

University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) has received a grant from UNDP under Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) to fund a project entitled: “Enhancing Incubation in the Gaza Strip” – START. The project is divided into two main components. The first component is dedicated to improving the quality of incubators’ services, and the second component provides an incubation service for the youth in Gaza. Accordingly, UCAS seeks to identify and recruit an International Consultant(s) to tackle specific tasks.

About the mission:
UCASTI recently started new program related to developing the work of the Gazan’s incubators. Also prepared to work with a number of an international experts at 3 incubators factors. This consultancy assignment aims to enhance the incubation model and process in the Gaza Strip.
The work will be carried out through an international consultant/consultants supported by a national consultant. The national consultant will be identified and recruited by the donor and UCASTI. The consulting team (international and national) will be responsible for producing solid recommendations and suggest interventions for the incubators in Gaza Strip regarding the following components:
•Component One: Administration
•Component Two: Incubation
•Component Three: Networking & Investment
•Interested consultants can apply by sending an expression of interest via email to UCASTI (info@ucasti.ps). The expression of interest will be evaluated and the full TOR will be sent accordingly. The closing date for application is Monday, 03 March 2019. 
•Following submission, UCASTI may engage in further discussion with applicants concerning qualifications and understanding of experiences.
•Any Proposal received after the due date will be rejected.

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