Kick-off meeting of the project

The Faculty of Commerce at the Islamic University of Gaza held the first meeting of the project to develop the capacities of administrative and economic research centers in higher education institutions in Palestine. The project is funded by the European Union. The meeting was attended by Prof. Abdel Raouf al-Mana'ma Vice President for Acadimic Research and Graduate Studies, and Prof. Dr. Mohammed Miqdad Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Dr. Ahmed Mahasn - Vice President Assisstant for External Relation Affairs, Dr. Wael Al-Daya - director of the Business Research and Development Unit at the Faculty of Commerce, the project manager. Further, representatives of the project in the partner universities attended the meeting that include Dr. Nidal Jayyousi who attended the meeting from Ramallah via Skype technology - the director of Erasmus Plus office in Palestine.

Dr. Al-Daya said that the project is a partnership between the Palestinian universities in the Gaza Strip which are: the Islamic University of Gaza, Al-Azhar University, University College of Applied Sciences, the University of Birzeit and Al-Quds Open from the West Bank. The universities of Europe are: University Degli studi di l Aquila, the University of De AlMERIA, the University of HUDDERSFIELI and the University of KTH. He added that the project aims to develop a partnership between the university and the European Union in the development of administrative and economic research and academic centers for both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr. Al-Daya said that the project serves the community, the Palestinian economy and civil society organizations. He pointed that it is essential to proceed in accordance with the applicable standards of the European Union. Further, the outcome researches will be similar to the researches produced by the European Union in the public and private sectors.