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About UCAS
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College Quick facts
1998: The Community College of Applied Science and Technology (CCAST) was established as an independent, public academic institution in a modest building in Gaza City.

2003: The College moved to a newly-built campus in its current location.

2006: The College expanded to southern Gaza in a campus of its own, under the name of Gaza Polytechnic Institute (GPI).

2007: The College received the accreditation of the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education to launch its bachelor degree programs under the name of the University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS).

2010: The College has over 6,000 students in eight departments offering more than 40 majors.
In 1998, the College was established to provide the Gaza Strip community with its needs for highly-qualified and well-trained professionals.

With the continuing growth and high demand for its graduates, the newly-born college eventually moved to a new campus in 2003.

Started with only 200 students studying in three majors, there are currently over

8,500 students pursuing their technical education in more than 34 majors.

With the ever increasing demand, the College established the Gaza Polytechnic Institute in 2006 to expand its services to the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Further, the College established the University College of Applied Sciences to launch its bachelor degree programs in 2007.
Vision And Mission
Our vision is to become the leading college in the region providing distinguished training in technical and vocational education focusing on applied sciences .

Our mission is to provide the various sectors in Palestine and the region with its needs for highly-qualified and skillful professionals; thus participating in building a modernized state.

Towards this end, the College strives to:

Opening new majors based on local and regional job markets.

Developing performance of our academic and administrative staff.

Providing state-of-the-art learning facilities to our students.

Expanding and modernizing our central library as an indispensable academic tool for students and faculty.

Maintaining strong relations with local and international partners through which mutual benefits could be achieved.
Over 8,500 students are currently enrolled in more than 40 technical and vocational majors. The College awarded its first degrees to 50 graduates in 1999, compared to over 1,000 degrees in 2008. The vast majority of our graduates find jobs in the local and regional job markets shortly afterwards.
UCAS uses the credit-hour system. The academic year consists of two sixteen-week semesters and an optional eight-week summer semester.

UCAS saves no effort to provide its students with comprehensive support at all levels, The College requires regular

attendance at all classes, lectures, laboratory sessions and seminars.

Upon successfully completing around 70 credit hours, UCAS students are awarded the diploma degree; and upon completing 140 credits, UCAS students are awarded the bachelor degree.
Campus and Student Services
While working towards their degrees at the College, students will utilize well-equipped, state-of-the-art labs, a centralized library with an automated library information system, and sport facilities for its students.

The College has a modern information system which integrates its academic, administrative, and student activities thus

operating as a modernized campus.

Dedicated space for student extracurricular activities.

Computer clusters for teaching and individual use.

All students are given free access to the Internet and an email address
International Cooperation
UCAS is a Palestinian academic institution of higher-education in Gaza Strip, Palestine. It was established in 1998 as a technical and vocational education College and is currently accredited by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education as a University College offering Bachelor and diploma degrees in more than 40 different distinguished technically and technologically-oriented programs.

UCAS carries the responsibility of communicating and interacting with the national and international potential partners including current and prospective academic and research funding trusts, business and community leaders and civic organizations. UCAS primarily liaises with prospective partners in the following areas:

  1. International academic associations: UCAS, in the academic year 2010-2011, has been granted the memberships of:

v  United Nations Academic Impact

v  The Magna Charta Universitatum

v  Programme for Palestinian European Academic Cooperation in Education (PEACE)

v  International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA)

v  UNIMED, Mediterranean Universities Union

v  EurAsian Universities Union(EURAS)



2.      Regional Research partnership programs: The UCAS consistently applies for the European Union Academic partnership programs including Erasmus Mundus, Tempus and FP7, and the interested research areas can be:

v  Alternative Energy

v  ICT

v  Water and Environment

v  Academic quality

v  Educational Sciences

v  Business Studies


3.      Academic Scholarships: The UCAS seeks to improve the quality of its academic and vocational training services through guiding its staff to the technical and financial means to develop their teaching and research skills though higher education. It also provides its students with the resources to pursue higher degrees upon their graduation. The UCAS has recently joined the United Palestinian Appeal (UPA) scholarship program.


4.      Cooperation agreements :UCAS has recently signed several cooperation agreements with local colleges and universities to support the academic field, such as:

a.       College of Sciences and Technology - Khan Younis

b.      Palestine Technical College -Deir El-Balah

c.        University of Gaza

d.       Engineers Association in Gaza

e.        Palestine General Federation of Trade Union



We are open to establishing links and partnerships with academic and non-academic institutions. Should you need to contact us, please visit our office at:

Room A701 or A702

Or contact us through :

Tel: (+970) 8 2868999   Ext: 655


Gaza Polytechnic Institute (GPI)
To accommodate the accelerating progress of UCAS , it was a natural step forward to expand our distinguished services to the southern region of Gaza Strip.

In a joint project with JumpStart International, the College established Gaza Polytechnic Institute (GPI) with its own, new 90,000 square-meters campus in KhanYounis City.

In 2007-2008, the campus accommodated about 300 students studying in five programs leading to two-year diploma degrees.

The goal for GPI is to becoming the leading institute for technical and vocational education in the Gaza Strip.
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