Palestine Festival for Childhood and Education


Children are the wealth of society. They are to achieve the progress and civilization, and because of that the world do care for children. Therefore, childhood centres spread throughout the developed world, in order to develop the services provided to children in particular and workers in the field of childhood in general.


The objectives of the festival

1. Drawing a smile on the faces of disadvantaged children.

2. Encouraging children to creativity and invention (theater competitions singing - drawing).

3. Working to mitigate the effects of traumatized Palestinian children.

4.Displaying college students' products of teaching tools.

5. Providing free medical screening service, and counseling for children and their families.

6. Providing appropriate medical requirements in order to be accessible families with reasonable prices.

7. Providing children's requirements such as games, stories, and others.

8. Saving the screening service and free medical counseling.

9. Providing an opportunity for the community; parents and sponsors


Events and activities of the festival

Festival includes many events and activities oriented to children and their families, as well as educators, schools and institutions working in the field of childhood and these events include the following:

First: Child-rearing Stand

Secondly: Suites of the festival:

The suite of children's computerized programs

The suite of games:

The suite of educational games and entertainment:

The suite of children fashion:

Children's Library Suite:

The suite of Healthy food:


Thirdly:  Children's Show (for you. Oh! Jerusalem):

Fourthly: technical innovations of the children:

It include children's artistic inventions and competitions for children in the following areas:

  • Wonderful voices in reciting quranic verses.
  • Chanting.
  • Theatre and acting.
  • Funny jokes.
  • Sports show.


Fifth: mobile theatre:

Sixth: The school day entitled "The educational process at the primary stage.. problems and solutions"